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Prevent Eyestrain From Digital Devices

We’ve all done it. Plopped ourselves in front of a screen for way too many hours. Sometimes we even plop ourselves in front of two or three screens at the same time.

Whether it’s computer screens, laptops, phones, TVs…gaming. OMG, so much eye strain and exposure. And yes, blue light exposure is a real thing causing real damage. According to Michele Farber, a dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York…

“Blue light causes a slightly different type of damage. It causes generation of reactive oxygen species which damages collagen, causes wrinkling, pigment changes, and laxity.”

Wrinkles? Collagen damage? WTH.
Here are a few things you can do minimize eye strain from screen time:


Blue light glasses. Approximately 6 out of 10 adults experience symptoms of computer vision syndrome (aka digital eye strain) after using devices for more than 2 hours.

Your eyes are working harder, often leading to headaches, blurry vision, dry eyes, and neck and shoulder pain.
Blue screen/blue light filtering glasses can reduce the potential for damage to your eyes and may improve symptoms of digital eye strain. And who knows, you may look good in glasses.

Adjust your computer screen. It should be 4-5 inches below eye level and 20-28 inches from the eye.

Sit Up. Chairs should be comfortably padded and conform to the body. Feet should rest comfortably FLAT on the floor. Arms should be adjusted to provide support while typing and wrists shouldn’t rest on the keyboard when typing.

Use night mode on your phone or a free app to reduce blue light, i.e. Night Shift.

Blink. This will keep the front surface of the eye moist.

Wear SPF formulated to block blue light.

Take rest breaks. Rest your eyes for 15 minutes after two hours of continuous computer use. TIP: For every 20 minutes of computer viewing, look into the distance for 20 seconds to allow the eyes a chance to refocus.

Invest in anti-glare screens. Yes, there is such a thing. And yes, it’s easier on the eyes and bonus–easier for movies and gaming!

Limit your screen time. Take an hour (or two or three) off. Go for a walk!

Bedrooms should be off limits for all screens. Blue light has been shown to interrupt and prevent sleep…and other things.

ANOTHER SOLUTION: We love Eyeland Retreat Cooling Eye Gel. This lightweight treatment, applied with a cooling metal tip, hydrates skin and helps relieve puffy eyes. Keep it next to your screen, in your car, and on your bathroom counter. It’s a cooling treat for your eyes–and made with sustainably sourced red maple bark.

That’s blue light. A real thing causing real damage. But remember, nothing–not even blue light–is as harmful as a day in the sun. But that’s a topic for another day!


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