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What is Glacial Clay and its Benefits?

Glacial clay is a unique ingredient that we have incorporated into our Fresh Start Purifying Facial Cleanser because of its many benefits. While glacial clay offers many advantages, it’s not as widely known as some other skincare ingredients, so we get a lot of questions about it. We put together this guide to explain what glacial clay is and why it’s such an important ingredient in our cleanser.

What is Glacial Clay?

Glacial clay is a unique type of clay formed when glacier and oceanic deposits combine. Glacial clay contains many unique compounds — including marine actives, vitamins, micronutrients, and other rich earth elements — that make it beneficial for the skin. Unlike other types of clay, which comes in a dry powdery form, glacial clay is wet, a unique attribute that sets it apart from other types of clay and contributes to its unique benefits.

The Origins of Glacial Clay

Glacial clay began forming over 2.5 million years ago. When glaciers form, they gather up sediment as they grow and freeze — they aren’t purely made up of water. When the last ice age ended, the glaciers melted and receded, leaving behind that glacial sediment. Over time, that silt dried out, creating a depression in the ground. The depression filled with ocean water, which mixed with the glacial sediment to create clay.
The clay matured in the ocean for thousands of years until modern humans began to use it. The Haiłzaqv indigenous people, called the Heiltsuk people in English, have historically used the clay for many medicinal purposes. They applied it topically as well as ingested it orally. Today, we get to benefit from Glacial Clay through including it in our Fieldtrip skincare products.

What Are the Benefits of Glacial Clay?

Glacial clay offers many benefits for the skin when incorporated into skincare products. To start, this natural skincare ingredient helps to draw impurities out of the skin. Not only does this leave your skin feeling clean and fresh, it also helps to unclog pores. The astringent of clay can also help to tighten up your pores and make them look smaller.
After using a clay cleanser or mask, your face will look naturally matte without feeling too dry or tight.
Glacial clay also includes microscopic particles that gently exfoliate the skin as you apply the product to your face and rinse it off. These particles help to remove dead skin cells without causing irritation or redness. Using a clay cleanser every morning also preps your skin for makeup by smoothing out skin to create an even canvas for cosmetic products.
When used consistently over time, glacial can also help to make skin look smoother, firmer, and tighter overall. 

How to Use Our Glacial Clay Cleanser

We formulated our Fresh Start Purifying Facial Cleanser with both glacial clay and kaolin clay to get your skincare routine started off right. To use the cleanser, first wet your face and hands so that they are damp but not dripping. Apply a small amount of cleanser to your hands and work it into a lather, then gently apply to your face using small circular motions. Rub it all over your face for about a minute or so, then gently rinse away the cleanser with lukewarm water. Be careful to avoid the eye area, and rinse your eyes with water if you get cleanser in them. Once finished, pat your skin dry with a clean towel and proceed with the rest of your skincare routine.
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