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Amazing Benefits Of Moringa For Your Skin

You've heard of shea butter, but have you heard of moringa butter? This natural skincare ingredient offers hydrating and soothing benefits for your lips, skin, and more, which is why we incorporated it into our Overnight Trip Hydrating Lip Mask. Here’s everything that you need to know about Moringa butter, what Moringa is used for, and Moringa benefits for skin:

What Is Moringa Butter?

Moringa butter is derived from the Moringa oleifera tree, which is native to South Asia but grown all over the world in various tropical and subtropical climates. It is sometimes called the drumstick tree because of its long skinny seed pods, or the horseradish tree because of the taste of its roots. The Moringa tree grows between 33-39 feet tall and has white-gray bark, oval shaped green leaves, and delicate white flowers.

What Is Moringa Used For?

Every single part of the Moringa tree is edible, including the bark, pods, leaves, nuts, seeds, tubers, roots, and flowers. As a result, the plant has historically been used in many different ways. Moringa seed oil or Moringa butter is what we’re most interested in, however, because that’s the form used in skincare products like our Overnight Trip Hydrating Lip Mask! The oil is sweet tasting and it’s also non-sticky,

making it a great natural skincare ingredient to formulate with.

Moringa Benefits For Skin

Applying Moringa butter topically has many different benefits for your skin. Here are some of the reasons why we incorporated Moringa butter into our Overnight Trip Hydrating Lip Mask:

  • Protection: Moringa butter creates a protective coat on your skin, which helps to safeguard your lips from the elements. It also forms a seal that helps to slow moisture loss and maintain the natural balance of your skin.
  • Hydration: Moringa butter is very hydrating, leaving your lips plump and well moisturized even in the dead of winter. For even more hydrating results, apply our lip mask throughout the day instead of just when you sleep at night.

How to Use Moringa Butter for Skin

To use our Overnight Trip Hydrating Lip Mask, wash your hands and then use your finger or a cotton swab to pick up a little bit of product. Rub the lip mask all over your lips, being careful to cover the entirety of your skin, including the corners. We recommend doing this before bed and through the day as needed. For more information, check out our guide that explains how to use a lip mask.
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